Unification Of Mind, Body And Spirit: Why Yoga Is Better Than Prescription Drugs

Deadlines are around the clock, unpaid billed piled up on your desk and you are stressing over dinner plans. Stress and tension are all over, and the chances are that they are outdoing you; draining energy physically and mentally and keeping your body tensed at all times. Effects of tensions escalates when body lacks exercise. Anxiety in muscles raise, breathing contracts and mind feels restless with thoughts that feeds pressure. Yoga is an all in one formula that guides you through anxiety so that managing tension doesn’t become hard and horrid at every step of the way.

Balancing body, mind and spirit

Yoga is a mind-body affair that aims at the unification of the soul and the spirit. This age old Indian body of knowledge is more than just twisting and stretching in complex ways. In fact the science behind yoga absorbs the complete reality of the way of life. Your mind body and soul will be relaxed by a series of yoga asana; a sequence of poses designed to enhance flexibility and strength, pranayama; deep breathing and breathing enhancement exercises and dhyana; relaxation and meditation methods. Physical postures of yoga also improves blood circulation and hormone functions. For these reasons, yoga has been recommended particularly for psychological factors such as stress management Dubai, insomnia and anxiety. Psychological benefits of yoga also decreases a range of risk factors linked with cardio – respiratory diseases.

Heal mind and body

Trough less anxiety levels, expanding positive blood flow and by giving better support to your immune system, you are empowering your body to be better prepared to heal itself. Your body and psyche will have the capacity to concentrate on the consistent maintenance that is essential for your overall health. Regular practicing of yoga builds up strength and resistance that helps you prepare yourself well in times of crisis and acute stress. By increasing flexibility and strength, yoga has proven to be an excellent method of back pain treatment Dubai and other spinal discomforts.

Correct breathing and better energy

Yoga focus more on the connection between breathing patterns and state of mind. A yogic fix to slow down your breathing, by breathing through the nose helps to overcome destructive tension responses. Inhaling and exhaling though nasal passages leads to slow respiratory rates, which calms the nervous system and helps in managing tensions. By focusing on maximizing the use of the diaphragm, yoga helps in bringing in more oxygen into your body, which makes your feel more energetic.