Tips On Selecting The Right Schools For Your Children

If you ask any married couple about the most significant moment that their lives changed; they’d tell you it was the day they became parents. Somehow, that tiny being so new to the world, has a massive impact on who you are, and who you will be.
As parents’, we are well aware that education means a great deal for our children’s lives. Selecting the proper school, in our humble opinion, is something that definitely needs to be done with care. After all, your child’s primary education can affect his entire school life, and maybe even after. Here are a few tips on how to select the best school for your child.

The distance from school

This matters a great deal; especially for young children. When selecting a school, try to go for a school that is in the neighborhood. Schools at a significant distance mean earlier mornings, and battling traffic twice a day. Trust us, this may not feel very important to you, but for the little ones just beginning to “enjoy” their school life, this can matter a great deal. Most young children are already tired by the time they reach school; this inevitably has an effect on their education as well.

What is taught to your child?

It’s always a good idea to speak to the teachers and being aware of what is being taught to your child. Do so yearly if possible. In the initial years, your child is going to be focusing mainly on words; so, make sure he’s learning the words that will benefit him the most. Also, learning math is not only for older children. Try to find a school that teach at least basic math from the primary grades. Some of the world’s best private schools in Abu Dhabi are strong believers of this.

Pay attention to the teachers

They matter. A great deal. Listen to their speech; as their language is going to have a definite effect on your child’s language skills as well. Not everyone is mean for teaching. Even some famous private international English school have difficulties in holding onto their teachers. Try to find a school where teachers are not changed very often. Also, it’s important that they are passionate about their subject. A teacher who is afraid of math will never be able to help your child love the subject…

When is the play time?

It’s becoming very common among some schools to cut off the recess time, or build their school without a playground. This, they say, allows them to focus more on education. Unfortunately, this has proven to be more bad than good. The physical activities and the fresh air, the little rest in between classes and the food; all help children to focus better. Besides, we all know how important exercise is for children; so select a school that has its own playground (large enough for everyone to play in), and one that allows children to have a little break from education.