Tips For Organizing Your Closet

Keeping your clothes, shoes and accessories all in order and organized makes life so much easier! You get to select your clothes for the day just by scrolling through what’s already neatly organized inside your closet rather than going through heaps and heaps of clothing that’s strewn all over with only fifteen minutes left. There are several ways in which you can maintain your closet in an organized manner, and if you’re usually not a very neat person, this may take a while to get used to, but with practice and help you’ll get there!

Sort out your clothes

First, you need to get to sorting out all your different types of clothing. Once you get them from the Dubai dry cleaning, you’ll have to sort them out accordingly. You can make the categories that you prefer, such as colored or black and white, or even separating them from evening to work wear. Apart from your clothes, make sure you also separate your footwear, headwear, ties and the others. Once you categorize your clothes and others, you’ll find that the selection process becomes so much easier as you know where to find what!

Separate sections of your closet

Assign each section of your closet, the shelves and drawers for different clothing and accessories. Assign the first two drawers for either your socks or scarves, the bottom two for the clothes that you don’t wear all too often! Label them as you go, so that you don’t forget where you kept what. Make sure your closet holds enough room for all your clothes, or you can always get a few extra shelves to hold your shoes!

Following a routine

Over time, you’ll have to follow a routine. This will help you get into the habit of giving your clothes to the Dubai laundry service and getting it back on time, this way you don’t end up with no clothes for the next day or the weekend!

Cleaning out every 6 months

Once you get into the routine of arranging and organizing your closet, you’ll find that you have either too much or too little clothes! This either calls for a shopping trip or a few hours out of your day to clean out the clothes you either no longer fit to, or don’t want anymore. You can always donate these clothes! Get to the habit of cleaning out your closet every 6 months, this helps get rid of excess and unwanted clothes and other things.

Listed above are four tips to help you getting to organize your clothes and shoes, making your mornings go extremely smoothly!