The Biggest Spenders Of Wedding Organizing And How To Spend Less On Them?

Organizing a wedding to perfection is no small task. After all, it is the special day that signifies the beginning of a lifelong commitment. And the money people spend on wedding in average? That’s in no way insignificant; especially now-a-days. But everyone deserves to have their dream wedding. In order to save the to-be-married couple from that inevitable money related stress, our experts have made a note of the biggest spenders of weddings; and shared their tips on how to cut costs without cheapening the wedding. Read ahead to find them…!

The location of the big day and event

The location of the wedding and reception definitely will cost you a great deal; unless you prepare for it well. If you plan on organizing a big wedding at a hotel, then our experts strongly advice that you book the hotel well in advance. Most people end up paying nearly thrice the amount they should (or don’t get the hotel that they want), simply because they didn’t bother to book the hotel in advance. If you plan on having a small wedding, consider having a destination wedding. Avoid the popular and exotic locations. Even your local beach or botanical garden can prove to be an unforgettable wedding location if you give it a “little love and attention”. Plus, if you’re planning on hiring a cameraman Dubai then a destination wedding will be ideal for the prewedding shoot as well!

The wedding photos, pre-wedding shoot and album

The photographs captured at your wedding is definitely something you want to save. No matter how much it’ll cost you. But hiring an entire camera crew for a small function can be a little too much. Consider asking a friend or family member who owns a DSLR to be your photographer. This is especially perfect for someone who is camera shy; as at the very least, they needn’t smile for a complete stranger. While you “shop” for the perfect camera man, don’t forget to drop in at your local university as well. Many film students will be able capture your wedding perfectly for you. Since you’ll be paying them (less than a professional, yet…) and they’ll be gaining experience, it’s a win-win situation for all parties!

The queen of all dresses: the wedding dress

Selecting a wedding dress to perfectly fit your dream dress, and yet be within your budget, is a tough job indeed. Just like the location for the wedding, your dress too is best selected and purchased well in advance. If possible, wait for the “off season” for wedding dresses; when their prices will come down. Our experts suggest that, for a small wedding, consider buying brides maid or maid-of-honor dresses. They’re only a little less poof-y, and don’t hold the “bride” tag on them. Also, white wedding gowns tend to be a little more expensive than their colored versions; so, do consider opting for a colored wedding dress.

The food and the wedding favors

Apart from the “I do” moment, your guests are going to be looking forwards most to the dinner and dancing part of the day. Wedding caterers can build up you bills dramatically. If you know of any upcoming caterers, consider allotting the job to them. It will give them that push they need for their careers as well. If you feel this is a little too risky, consider giving the job to a family run restaurant. As for the favors; chances are that they’re going to be tossed aside shortly once they reach their new homes. Spend less on them. One example for innovative and inexpensive favors is tiny plotted succulents; the favor that will grow with time.