Making The Decision To Study Overseas

Studying overseas is becoming more and more popular amongst today’s youth because it not only provides them with the opportunity to have amazing education but it also gives them a chance to have new experiences and experience a new culture during that very important time after having finished high school. However, studying overseas may not be for everyone and there is a lot of work and money that goes in to travelling to another country to finish your studies.

Qualifications for entering university

Different universities require different qualifications and tests for entering their university and there is sometimes still a chance that you may not be able to get in even with all the required qualifications. As such, it is important that you apply to a few universities in order to increase your chances of getting an acceptance letter. It is important for you to take a few months off after you finish high school to research the best universities in the country that you want to go to and also the best universities that offer the programme you want to study. You might be surprised to find that although a certain university has a very good reputation and a big name, they may not be specialized in your field and the degree offered at a smaller lesser known university might be more recognized in the particular field you are looking to study. Some universities will require you to go to the Pearson test center and take the qualifying exam. You will need to achieve a score above a certain given standard for your application to even be accepted or looked at irrespective of your other qualifications and your financials.

If you are looking to study in England or in Australia, you might be required to take an IELTS preparation course in Dubai after which you will be expected to take the exam and achieve a very high score to prove your competency in English.

Expenses and financials

As mentioned before, studying abroad can be expensive and if you are going to be studying full time, you will not have the chance to work and earn a living. You will therefore need to study the cost of living in the country that you are going to and make sure that you can afford to pay the living expenses you will incur for the time that you will be studying there. Many people assume they will be able to get a job but do not succeed in doing so and soon fall in to financial trouble.