How To Encourage Your Child To Achieve His Dream?

Children are extremely fragile. While they do a pretty god job of pretending to be mature and worldly, sometimes, the words we use on them, around them and about them makes a much bigger impact on them than that which we can even imagine. As parents, it’s obvious that we want only the best for them; and that we want them to achieve their dreams.

If your child is old enough to understand his calling, and old enough to start working for it, then this is for you. Here are a few tips on how you can help them figure out their talents, and encourage them to improve it.

Listen to their dreams

Pay attention to him when he speaks. This is particularly important when they are in their early teens as this is the age period when they begin to make discoveries about themselves. This also includes their dreams and aspirations. Knowing that you’re listening, and being reassured that what they have to say is important to you gives them a confidence—both about exploring new things and sharing their dreams with you.

Every battle needs an action plan

Achieving a dream never comes easily. Making a plan of action to achieve it, both long term and short term, will give your child a goal help him focus on achieving it. These plans could mean anything from getting professional help (like dancing or singing lessons) to even preparing them for a future competition. These plans can also involve making a day schedule and include working for their dreams into it.

Free their schedules

A common problem that most children now-a-days face; is the sheer weight of their schedules. More often than not, in our eagerness to make them better than anyone else, and our need to see them excel in their academics, we tend to push them harder by enrolling them into countless tuitions and extra classes. No dance school Dubai is going to be able to help them if you bog them down and exhaust them. Free them and give them time to spend on themselves.

Don’t underestimate the power of positive words and thoughts

Sometimes, encouraging them only through actions can fall a little short. It’s important that you encourage them through your words as well. If they’ve achieved something they have been working on for a while, encourage them by offering constructive criticism. It’s important that you praise them for their efforts; but it’s also important that you only praise them when they deserve the praise. If you offer insincere praise, your words and opinions will lose their value to him.