Football Throughout The Ages

Football is the most popular sport in the world and is played world over. It is estimated to be played by 250 million players in 200 countries around the world.

The earliest record of football like sport can be traced back to China, played during the Han dynasty. It can also be traced in Athens, Rome, Japan, Korean and Australia. Even though the sport was played in quite a few countries its popularity and official status began in England.

In 1848 rules were drawn up by the Cambridge University which was quite pivotal in subsequent rules and regulation created that exists today. As its popularity increased more clubs starting forming and playing each other.

1863 was the year The Football Association was created. During the discussion of the rules, carrying the ball in the hand was discussed which in turn lead to the creation of the Rugby Football Union. As the years grew so did the sport’s popularity leading to the creation of FIFA which stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association (International Federation of Association Football).

Modern day football is mostly handled by FIFA. The most prestigious tournament in the world that takes plays every four years is the FIFA world cup. The FIFA world cup is attended by millions of people and watched on TV by even more. It holds the record for one of the mostly attended and watched sport event in the world, even exceeding the Olympics. The most recent world cup win was by Germany who currently holds 4 championship titles in tie with Argentina. The most titles are held by Brazil who has won 5 World cup championships. World cups tickets are usually sold out in a few days.

There are many other tournaments held worldwide namely the FA Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA European Championship, Copa del Rey and FIFA Confederation cup are a few of them. Due to there being so many competitions it is not as hard as obtaining tickets to the World cup. You could easily purchase Juventus football tickets, a popular Italian football club, without too much trouble.

There are some instances where clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Real Madrid to name a few have very strong following who are present in every match and these tickets may sell out fast. For example AC Milan football tickets are known to be sold out within minutes and are the most supported Italian team with over 18.5 million fans.

In recent times there have been many controversies where there was corruption by officials which has resulted considerable media attention. This controversy resulted due to the uncovering of bribery and match fixing within the organization. Even with the negative press FIFA has pledged to go forward and gain back their supporters trusts for a better future for football and its fans.